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Tomorrow: Sherlock Holmes Returns !
This Sunday, tomorrow, we'll be watching Sherlock Holmes Returns! This will be our second adaptation with a genderbent major character (the other being SH22 with Beth Lestrade), and the first with Watson (well, "Winslow") as a woman.

Sherlock Holmes Returns
Sunday (tomorrow!) @ 12pm noon LA / 3pm New York / 8pm London

Countdown is here, and resources are here. Hope to see you tomorrow! ♥

Upcoming Schedule:
Tomorrow, Aug 19 - Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993)
Sep 2 - undecided
Sep 16 - undecided
Sep 30 - Elementary, episode 1.01 (Tumblr announcement)

I figure we'll watch They Might Be Giants, which is another adaptation with a female Watson, and then either The Return of Sherlock Holmes, which is also another TV movie with Watson as a woman, or something with dogs or mice, or some more SH22. Basically, September is for the versatility of Sherlock Holmes adaptations. Let me know if you have a preference or suggestion!

I'm going to be out back-to-school shopping with the kid all day tomorrow, so I doubt I will be able to participate. :( But I am looking forward to other gender-swapped watchalongs and the first episode of Elementary!

I wish I could have joined you for this but I have been away. High hopes for joining you for the rest of the month though.


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