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Watchalong: Sherlock Holmes Returns !

Sherlock Holmes Returns
Starring Anthony Higgins as Sherlock Holmes
and Debrah Farentino as Dr. Amy Winslow.

Watching: Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993)
Start time: 12pm noon LA / 3pm New York / 8pm London
Countdown: here!
Sparkle text: here!

Upcoming Schedule:
Tomorrow, Aug 19 - Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993)
Sep 2 - undecided
Sep 16 - undecided
Sep 30 - Elementary, episode 1.01 (Tumblr announcement)

Let me know if you have any watchalong requests or suggestions!

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Since only one person popped by on my last post, (to say she couldn't make it,) I'm not sure what to expect today. Say hi if you're here! ♥

I'm in the process of acquiring the film (and might make it in time... with some luck), but I may be late, as I've got to duck out to the bodega for some refreshments. I'll check in as soon as I can.

eta. I've got mediafire going on the other computer, but I may still be late starting.

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As a California resident, I appreciate any earthquake plot devices.

Excellent use of elaborate earthquakes.

Oh, the 80s.... how much I don't miss you.

LoL! What an entrance!

It's so amazing that poor Mrs. Hudson can't handle it.

Captain Basil. Love homages.

This is gloriously silly!

It's wonderfully ridiculous.

Love Watson/Winslow's face of strained patience.

I never guess! This is marvelous!

"Watson-- Winslow."

Holmes is already messing it up.


This kind of deduction is exactly what I want as an introduction to the longer mystery.

The premise is a bit silly with Holmes being preserved, but it's very Holmesian and the deductions are great.

"Elementary my dear... Winslow."

Cleans up nice, doesn't he?

I wasn't going quite fast enough to push him out of the car!!!!


"I wasn't going quite fast enough to push him out of the car."

LOL. I'm not much of a fan of narrating movies, but sometimes in this it's just golden.

I love the gapemouthed staring.

Holmes: "You prefer to inhale your cocaine rather than inject it like I do."
Winslow: O___O

"It is non-sexist hysteria and get out!" ♥

I should make gif sets of this movie.

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I think it's interesting to compare this Holmes' relationship to the homeless and Cumberbatch's relationship to the homeless. This one convincingly integrates with different areas of society and communicates with people and gains information in ways I'm not convinced Cumberbatch's Holmes does. He's all dapper and friendly.

BC's Holmes is disconnected from people in many ways.

*snerk* Now she feels all guilty.

Oh, 80s fight scenes....

It was pretty funny. I loved him with the stick.

I love his mistakes. Hookey?

I love the whole thing about the cocaine.

"... you have a deep romantic desire for adventure."

Of course she does, she's Watson. Er, Winslow.

I'd really hate to have him wander into my apartment.

I know! I would bar him at the door.

"A woman in a military skirmish?!"
"Times have changed, Mr. Holmes."

Military career! :D

His immediate fascination with the computer! Oh, joy!

She does kung fu!

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