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How to Host

It's ridiculously easy to host a watchalong - it's 99% cheer-leading really (not that you wonderful people need any encouragement!)

So here's the 'bot guide to hosting:

1) Pick your date/time: If it's a broadcast, that's easy! Just let the networks schedule it for you. Otherwise pick a time that seems reasonable or, if you find yourself in agonies of indecision, set up a poll, suggesting a few dates/times.

If your account level won't let you have a poll, let me (warriorbot ) know by PM and I'll throw one up for you!

Then set up a countdown timer being sure to pick the right timezone! This isn't essential for broadcasts, but is darned useful for any "start your DVDs now!" type watchalongs

2) PIMP UNASHAMEDLY: About 5-7 days before, put up a "Coming X-day - YYY!Verse Watchalong" post on this comm with details of the arrangements (and the countdown timer). Tell all your friends. Work it subtly into your fic. Put the URL in a hidden code in your fan-art.

3) Get the party started:  About an half an hour to an hour before the watchalong, throw up a post saying "Here's the watchalong for XXXX..." or similar.  Encourage people to CAPSWHORE, Sparkle text, gifspam or - if you're some kind of sick, twisted freak, encourage them to make insightful commentary.

4) 'bot's final piece of advice: One thing I would STRONGLY suggest is that anyone who does host goes to notifications and turns OFF notifications for "Someone replies to my entry in a community."  Unless you want 1,000 messages in your inbox o'course!

And PM me if you get stuck!

Love you all xx
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