May 14th, 2012

sherlock: irene

Subject: Watchalong: Sherlock (BBC) Season 2 (May 26th, June 2nd & 9th )

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Hello fellow Sherlockophiles!

Are you dying to re-deduce season 2? So are we!

And the lovely lostgirlslair and I are hosting a watchalong here in this wonderful comm. The DVDs will be available in the US on the 22nd, so we've decided to hold a watchalong on each of the three following Saturdays:

Dates: May 26th, June 2nd, and June 9th
Start time: 1 PM (Los Angeles)//4 PM (New York)//9 PM (London)//10 PM (Berlin)

Saturday, May 26th – A Scandal in Belgravia
Saturday, June 2nd – The Hounds of Baskerville
Saturday, June 9th – The Reichenbach Fall

lostgirlslair and I will be around a bit before the start time to say hello and welcome everyone, and then at the set time precisely, we'll all push 'play.' During the show, you can comment here when the squee (or anything else) becomes unbearable, and afterwards we'll all get together here to squee, squeal, rant, and rave! So bring your magnifying glasses and Frisbee death hats, or just yourself and your typing fingers, and join us for three successive Saturdays of Sherlock awesomeness!

(And apparently some alliteration.)

Fine Print: Attendance at the watchalong does not confer superpowers, or genius-like deduction skills. We will not be handing out free Watsons with every purchase and all sales are nonexistent.