May 26th, 2012

sherlock: irene

Today: A Scandal in Belgravia

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My lovelies, tonight is the time we will kick off our amazing Sherlock Watchalong Marathon with
A Scandal in Belgravia!

Come, bring your riding crops, your

(More amazing sparkles can be found here)

Watch the countdown and press play at the

Start time: 1 PM (Los Angeles)//4 PM (New York)//9 PM (London)//10 PM (Berlin)

Watch Sherlock Holmes meet The Woman!

Admire Benedict's naked arse acting prowess!

lostgirlslair and I will be around a bit before the start time to say hello and welcome everyone. During the show, you can comment here when the squee (or anything else) becomes unbearable, and afterwards we'll all get together here to squee, squeal, rant, and rave!