June 24th, 2012


Watchalong- A Study in Pink

Welcome Everyone! It's that time again:
Watchalong- A Study in Pink


This post is going up a little earlier than normal due to my schedule (long story) but that just means we've got longer to have fun, right? Come in and introduce yourselves (even if you check in, nip out, and come back later. We need catering numbers ;) )

So when we watched The Reichenbach Fall a few weeks ago, we were discussing our reunion fantasies. I was wondering, what are your favourite headcanon prequel fantasies? Anything you're totally in love with and want to share? Please do, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on all the backstory brought to A Study in Pink. It can be totally serious, or the stuff of crackfic, either thoughts are most welcome :) We'll revisit at the end of the watchalong.

I come bearing tea:


And some other awesome things under the cut, including the most ideal sofa for us all to hang out on while watching...

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As always, sparkletext is here

And our countdown is HERE!

In conclusion (to this post, I mean ;) ) I bear a gift for everyone waiting for the watchalong to start: TV Tropes' Sherlock Pages.. More painstaking nitpickery of this show than any person could possibly ask for ;) Massive spoilers unless you've seen both series 1 and 2.

Have fun!

EDIT: And thank you to the mod team for fixing my epic formatting fail...