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Rerun! "The Treasures of Agra" (1983)
The fourth Russian film! Again!

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson:
The Treasures of Agra

Starring Vasili Livanov as Sherlock Holmes
and Vitali Solomin as Dr. John Watson.

Series: The Treasures of Agra (1983)
Start time: 12pm noon Los Angeles // 3pm New York // 8pm London
Countdown: part 1 → 3 minute pause → part 2
Sparkle text: here!

When we're done, there's already a wonderful discussion post awaiting us.

Upcoming schedule:
May 15 - The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries read by Benedict Cumberbatch
May 22 - The Hound of the Baskervilles (2002) with Richard Roxburgh
May 29 - Sherlock Holmes (1954–1955 TV series) with Ronald Howard
June 05 - Sherlock: Case of Evil (2002) with James D'Arcy

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Hello lovely people! Anyone else here to watch this?

Yep. I'm still kinda sleepy and adjusting my schedule, but will hopefully be awake for this!

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One minute!

Here we goooo!

Yay, theme music!

Love this theme. :D

Watson's jumper!!! It reaches across eras!

Hee. Has this series had the shock blanket or coat/scarf yet?

This music right here at the start of the scene is astonishingly beautiful.

LOL at Sherlock's little shrug when Watson accuses him of faltering.

I love Holmes doing his best to remain unruffled by Watson's character analysis.

Indeed! They know how to push each others' buttons.

Awwww, "I prefer that you always remain." Gonna ignore the part that came after the break in the subtitles.

LOL. Holmes is like: "Don't leave me alone with a girl!" It's like he's afraid of getting cooties. :P

Enter Miss Morstan.
Cue compulsory look from Watson.

Oh oh! I almost forgot I had images for this. :D

Ahahahaha. Those little hearts. XDDD

(no subject) - ldhenson, 2011-05-08 07:11 pm (UTC)(Expand)
She's seen Watson for less than five minutes and not conversed with him and already she insists that he stays. The "three continents" charm is working well.

Sometimes I wonder if Watson has 51st century pheromones.

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Sorry I'm late, duckies! I got distracted rereading some old fics.


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