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BBC Sherlock Watchalongs: UK Series 2 First Broadcast and Series 1 Re-Run!

We finally have confirmed UK air dates for Series 2 of BBC Sherlock, and Series 1 is on repeat on BBC HD over the holidays. SO...


Series 1 is repeated on BBC HD over the holidays:
PINK is on Dec 24.
BLIN is on Dec 25.
GREA is on Dec 26.

I'm willing to host if people can come, I have no special plans for the holidays this year, so it's Sherlockmas in my house anyway ♥ I'll put up a poll once I know the exact times (the BBC HD schedule isn't out yet).

And then we have Series 2. UK dates are as follows:

S2E1: ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ - January 1 2012, 20:10GMT
S2E2: ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’ - January 8 2012, [Time TBC]
S2E3: ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ - January 15 2012, [Time TBC]

I'm hosting as the eps air for UK people. For the rest of the world, here's a poll:

Poll #1802069 Sherlock Series 2 catchup watchalongs
This poll is closed.

Which days would you prefer for catchup watchalongs of BBC Sherlock Series 2?

The Saturday after the eps air in the UK: BELG January 7, BASK on Jan 14, FALL on Jan 21.
The Sunday after the eps air in the UK: BELG on January 8, BASK on Jan 15, FALL on Jan 22.
I'm fine with either.
Something else that I'll tell you in the comments.

Please feel free to crosspost/link to spread the word. It would be great to get some new people or some long-lost faces back on the comm! ♥

Mind you, I'll have to find a way to watch...

I will do my best to provide people with *ahem* ways and means...

I will be very strongly tempted, but I'm thinking of waiting until I can get the DVDs - I hope to be able to order one when they come out on the 23rd (or ask a UK friend if they won't ship to the US).

My partner is very anti-"less than legal downloads", and anti-"watching anything at all streaming on the internet" anyway, legal or not :(

(And when I did try to watching streaming Netflix, I had a lot of trouble; but I re-watched the eps when PBS here put them up after airing them without too much trouble, so I don't know.)

Thanks for offering to host - I'm sure you'll have lots of takers!

Sherlock Series 2

It is killing us here in the States that we won't be able to see Series 2 until May, for gosh sakes!

I think if you order the Amazon.UK DVDs of the first have to also have a multi-regional DVD player..

NOt sure if our DVD player would even play the Amazon.UK disk.

Any ideas / suggestions?


Re: Sherlock Series 2

Sadly most DVD players in the states can't play region two - although there might be hacks available (look up the player).

However, most DVDs in the UK can play region 1. I often get region 1 DVDs if they have better extras.

Mind you I bought a DVD player for £10 in a supermarket in the UK and that played region 1 as well as region 2. Look up the specs of your machine is the best way to know for sure.

If the watchalongs are on I will certainly make an effort to join you as Sherlock for Christmas is a good thing :)


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