Watchalong: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Starring: Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes
Jude Law as Dr. John Watson

Start time is 12pm noon Los Angeles // 3pm New York // 8pm London

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Gorgeous Banner is thanks to gallicka who kindly granted me permission to use it.


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Game of Shadows next Sunday!

I've volunteered to host Game of Shadows for the 8th, but I wanted to make sure of the start time, and bat my eyelashes in the hopes of getting some help with the banner, etc.. My mad computer skillz consist mostly of being able to type and add links, you see. Photoshop is definitely not my friend.

In any case, I'm currently planning on starting the film at 3:00 Boston time, (ooh, a countdown clock) and I was wondering if people would like it to be an hour earlier or later. Please let me know in the comments.

This should be fun!

Watchalong- A Study in Pink

Welcome Everyone! It's that time again:
Watchalong- A Study in Pink


This post is going up a little earlier than normal due to my schedule (long story) but that just means we've got longer to have fun, right? Come in and introduce yourselves (even if you check in, nip out, and come back later. We need catering numbers ;) )

So when we watched The Reichenbach Fall a few weeks ago, we were discussing our reunion fantasies. I was wondering, what are your favourite headcanon prequel fantasies? Anything you're totally in love with and want to share? Please do, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on all the backstory brought to A Study in Pink. It can be totally serious, or the stuff of crackfic, either thoughts are most welcome :) We'll revisit at the end of the watchalong.

I come bearing tea:


And some other awesome things under the cut, including the most ideal sofa for us all to hang out on while watching...

Collapse )

As always, sparkletext is here

And our countdown is HERE!

In conclusion (to this post, I mean ;) ) I bear a gift for everyone waiting for the watchalong to start: TV Tropes' Sherlock Pages.. More painstaking nitpickery of this show than any person could possibly ask for ;) Massive spoilers unless you've seen both series 1 and 2.

Have fun!

EDIT: And thank you to the mod team for fixing my epic formatting fail...

Watchalong Reminder- A Study In Pink, Sunday 24th June

Hey all! Just another



Bring your gifs! Bring your popcorn! Bring your friends! Bring your jam recipes!

No really. I could always do with some more jam recipes...

It all kicks off:

12pm- LA
3pm- New York
8pm- London
Some Ungodly Hour Of The Morning- The Southern Hemisphere :p

Have a handy-dandy timer so we're all on the same page:


Hope you can make it! :)
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[SH] Jim seeks nemesis for fun and games

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Sunday Watchalong

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be in a pub cheering on European football players for the Euro Cup, so no watchalong tomorrow.

And the last two Sunday Watchalongs have been bust, so I'm pretty bummed about them.

To shake things up a bit for Sundays, I thought I'd adopt out some watchalongs to new hosts. Maybe we need something new!

Want to Host a Watchalong?
Sundays @ 12pm LA / 3pm New York / 8pm London
June 24 - jussacgirl
July 8 - rabidsamfan
July 22 - morelindo

Host whatever you like, as long as it's Sherlockian. Put up polls or just decide.
Advertise as you like.
On Watchalong day, post 1 hour or so before start time.
Have epic amounts of fun!

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sherlock: irene

The Reichenbach Fall

My fellow Sherlockians,

Your presence and support is required tonight as we gather right here to watch The Reichenbach Fall in a few hours!

If you have never seen it before, trust me: This is not something you want to watch alone!

If you have seen it and are already traumatised: This is your chance to re-live this awfully awesome masterpiece in a loving community!

Shock blankets will be provided, so simply grab some tea (or something stronger), and a stuffed animal/pet/loved one to hold on to and some

Join us in the comments of this post at:

1 PM (Los Angeles)//4 PM (New York)//9 PM (London)//10 PM (Berlin)

sherlock: irene

Reminder: The Reichenbach Fall Watchalong this Saturday

Watchalong Reminder

Just a quick reminder that lostgirlslair and I will be hosting the last of our season 2 watchalongs this Saturday.

Join us for:

The Reichenbach Fall

Start time: 1 PM (Los Angeles)//4 PM (New York)//9 PM (London)//10 PM (Berlin)

Bring your tissues!
Bring your

Bring your shock blankets!

Bring your
[SH] BC Sherlock shadow

Watchalong: The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It!

The Strange Case
of the End of Civilization
as We Know It

Starring John Cleese as Arthur Sherlock Holmes
and Arthur Lowe also as Dr. William Watson.

Watching: The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It (1977)
Start time: 12pm noon Los Angeles // 3pm New York // 8pm London
Countdown: Countdown!
Sparkle text: here!