Oh look - A Holmes in my Telly!

Oh look - a Holmes in my Telly!
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Watchalongs for any Sherlock Holmes media in any 'verse

Sherlock Holmes Watchalongs
Oh look - a Holmes in my Telly!

Welcome to shwatchalongs, a Sherlock Holmes Watchalong community. We watch various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes together for fun, amusement, and lots of sparkle text.

Things are fairly laissez-faire around here:

RULE 1 No gorram complaining that there's no watchalong in your timezone! No one time will fit everyone, so if you want one - set it up! Point people in the direction of a countdown timer and the sparkle text resources and LET RIP!

Here endeth the rules. Pull up a comfy chair and get ready to squee!


What is a Watchalong?

It's when fans get together online, queue up their video players for the same thing (a TV show episode, a film, etc.), and press play at the same time. And then we fangirl out (caps lock, sparkle text, insightful commentary) in the comments as we watch it together.

It's a lot of fun, and it's a great excuse to re/watch various versions of Sherlock Holmes.

How do I participate?

Show up! There's a countdown timer posted ahead of time, so show up before it reaches zero and be ready to press play. Proceed with commenting and fangirling. Subtext goggles are optional but encouraged.

Can I host a Watchalong?

You sure can! It's impossible to have a Watchalong at a time that will work for everyone, so if one doesn't work for you then you are encouraged to schedule another one at a time that does.

Try to make sure it doesn't conflict with another scheduled Watchalong; you don't want to exclude people by making them choose.

What can we have Watchalongs for?

Anything related to Holmes, any version of Holmes: TV shows, films, made-for-TV movies, interviews, commentary versions, and we'll even listen along to radioplays. Anything on the tellybox you think fans of the various incarnations of the Sherlock Holmes stories might like is welcome!

Just make sure it's accessible, if you know what I mean .


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Schedule of Upcoming Watchalongs
Sparkle Text Codes and the SPARKLE TEXT DIRECTORY


kylara is comm manager - any suggestions, requests, etc. should go to her.

We have a round-the-world mod team: sherlockiangirl and tactile_contact handle the US; sarlania handles Australia and her neighbours; and pillow_face and warriorbot handle the UK/EU.

So if you're stuck in a mod queue, confused by a timezone or want to know WTF is going on on another continent, PM one of us and we'll do our best to help.

morelindo is in charge of our weekly (or however-often) discussions. Discussion-related stuff should go to her.

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